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Kristina Bolton


Kristina, The Person

Kristina Bolton is an emerging Christian preacher, teacher, author, and writer. Her passion is for souls to live for Jesus and enter into the Kingdom of heaven. She is the wife of Caleb and mother of six beautiful gems. 

Kristina accepted Jesus Christ at the age of 19 in what she refers to as her "Damascus experience." From there, her passion for God was birthed, and it would bloom like a flower. She has no religious or traditional background but has learned that, like the prophet Jeremiah the Lord has been with her since she was in her mother's womb. 

At the age of 21, Kristina had an encounter with The Lord. During this visitation, He presented her with the choice to forsake her will for His. This appointment would require exchanging her degree in a doctoral program for the call and purpose of God in her life. 

Kristina has been under the leadership and teaching of Apostle Sharon D. Walker since 2009. Likened as an "Elisha" to Apostle Walker, Kristina has accompanied and served her in ministry throughout many countries.   

Kristina is not your ordinary minister. She is a powerful preacher who flows in revelation and demonstration. She believes that people should experience transformation in each encounter with God. As an end-time vessel, Kristina is very passionate about winning and preparing souls before the return of Jesus Christ. 

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