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Gird Up Thy Loins

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

I am a different type of vessel. I may say things that are common, but not often revealed for all to see. I love to share how God will teach me and even correct me. I know that people are experiencing some of the same things I am going through but may not feel as free to express it. So, putting it out in the open can deliver people from the bondage they hold in secret.

That’s what I want to do for someone today. Put out in the open how sometimes you just feel like giving up. We may want to give up on different things, but giving up is something that challenges us all somewhere in our lives.

People sometimes make God seem mythical. As if the needs of man are so far beyond his care and reach. We forget just how real God is and that we are made in His image. We reflect Him, even in the simplest things like our feelings. God knows the design and makeup of every man. In that knowing, He knows what to do to put us back on track when we fall off.

I am reminded of a time when the Lord gave me a reality check. Not just any reality check, but that slap in the face reality check. The one that makes you dry your tears and say, “Wow, God!” Considering the challenges I have been faced with recently, I thought this story needed revisiting.

I had been going through some issues, and the opposition was substantial. I had opposition coming from multiple directions and at the same time. I was at a point where walking away seemed like the best option. The promises God had spoken to me looked like they were failing, and I was about to give up.

Well, I happened to be scrolling through Facebook and saw something someone shared. It was a meme of a well-known rapper. The meme notated what people knew about him; his accomplishments, his net worth, those types of things. Then it had what people didn’t know. The unknown was that he had put mixtapes out for six years underground before he even had a contract. As I was about to continue scrolling, out of nowhere, I hear the Lord say, “Does he have more faith than you?” Bam! Slap in the face. I thought, did the Lord just say this? I mean, I am a child and servant of the Almighty God and this man who was not a believer had more faith and endurance than me. Wow. That surely made my eyes stretch!

I couldn’t argue, the Lord was telling the truth. I wasn’t going to be in denial. I was giving up so effortlessly on a word spoken by my God that cannot lie. I had lost sight of that. I was focusing more on how hard it was rather than my God who spoke it. God knew I was better than that and expected more from me.

You Don’t Have To Be Saved To Have Faith

Salvation is not a prerequisite for faith. The scripture says that God gives unto every man a measure of faith (Romans 12:3). Remember to the tower of Babel; these people were not people of God. However, God had to knock them down because these people believed (faith) that they could reach Him. God even referenced their faith. Sinners can have faith. Faith is only the ability to see what’s not there.

Now faith in God is another standpoint. Faith in God and from God is much stronger than common faith. So why was I folding? Because I gave an ear to my flesh and the enemy, I was giving up. We have a choice on whether we will lend an ear to doubt. I had stopped fighting, because somewhere inside, I agreed with the enemy. Jesus is the author and finisher of my faith. He would be the one that would start and finish it. I just have to stay in Him. Because of this, I could be stronger than what I had been. The Spirit of God had to remind me of this.

That reminded me of a message my pastor preached “Go back until you see something” It comes from the scripture where the Prophet Elijah, who prayed for rain, sent his servant to look for the coming of rain. The servant goes up 6 times and see’s nothing, and it wasn’t until the 7th time, the servant said, “he sees a cloud the size of a man’s hand.” This was the first cloud to the rain that the Prophet prayed for.

I really had to tell the Lord thank you and forgive me for my lack of faith and confidence in Him. Remember, without faith; it is impossible to please God (Hebrews 11:6). I had to gird up my loins (1 Peter 1:13) in the Holy Ghost and get back into the boxing ring.

This is a temptation common to man. Giving up is something that we are all faced with. We pray and believe God and then as soon as we start climbing the mountain and feel resistance, fear sets in. We begin wavering in our faith and giving room for doubt. At times it's not that we doubt God and His ability its that we doubt ourselves. We forget that God provides us with the power to do what He has called us to do. We must abstain from anything that will cause us to doubt, even if it's in ourselves.

God is calling for us to rise up out of discouragement and defeat. Gird up thy loins! Speak those things not as they are. Declare the doors to be open. Whatever it is; the promises of God, your healing, your family’s salvation, restoration, deliverance, whatever. Speak life, and declare it is so, in Jesus’ name! Command the devil off your back and out your house. Command him off your loved ones. Continue to believe and speak until God manifests it. Jesus told us to ask the Father anything in his name, and He will do it. Jesus is ready to do it, but He is waiting for us to ask.

Rise up today! Dry your tears. God is more than able; He will.

I really hope this help someone.

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Be blessed, and I love you all.

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