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Updated: Dec 29, 2019

Greetings Everyone:

I really felt compelled to share this with you today. If you do not know, I released a short eBook,

, and this is something I did by faith. If you are like me finding yourself stagnant on the assignment the Lord gave you because of resources, fear, or lacking confidence, then this message is for you.

One night as I was sleeping, around 3am, I was awakened by a visitation from the Lord. The revelation that is in the book was already given to me, but I really didn’t know what to do with it. I felt like I should have written it, but there were so many things that halted this. I was waiting on finances, a publishing team, an agent, I was hoping for the perfect opportunity. But that was not the plan of God.

God began to confirm to me to release it as a book. I told the Lord that I didn’t have the finances to hire editors and such. In addition, the revelation was strong but short. It was there that the Lord encouraged me by taking me through the Bible. He pointed out that each section is called a book. Obadiah and Jude are very short “books” in the Bible, but yet we use them for our lives. As I meditated on this, I realized that each book of the Bible had its own flow and voice. There was no set structure or rules. There are grammatical errors of all sorts. Despite all of this, those people obeyed God. Had the writers been alive today, the Christian literary world would have rejected the Words from God, because it did not flow or fit the industry’s standards.

It was there that I gathered the strength to get up and write the book. As God finalized the visit, He simply asked, “Who made the rules?” I knew the answer; He just needed to remind me. God was right. He made the rules. When He releases assignments to His people, we are expected to obey regardless of the circumstances. I had enough to release the eBook. I needed the courage to step out and be different. I am already different, having a unique style and message. But God wanted me to make this step in faith. This is not to say I will never work with editors and publishing teams. This is saying that I must do everything by faith and where God leads I must follow no matter what.

God is going to show the blessing of obedience. When God anoints, He also equips. I don’t know if you are reading this, and maybe you are a musician, writer, pastor, whomever; you must obey God. Essentially, what you end up doing is burying your gift in the ground and being an unprofitable servant of the Lord (Matthew 25:1-30). You and I don’t want this. You don’t want God to find that you have not multiplied what He gave you.

Moreover, what we do when we hold up what God told us to do, we also contribute to the lack of knowledge that is already prevalent in the Body of Christ. People know Church, but they don’t know God. When God gives different revelations or anointing in your gift to open eyes and deliver the minds of the captives, it is a disservice that is done to the brethren when we hold up what God has said release.

What God has anointed you to do, people need it. Someone’s salvation is waiting on your obedience. There is deliverance in your song, book, and ministry. Why prolong your sister or brother’s transformation, if God has released it?

If it is your time to obey, do it! Let this encourage and ignite your hearts.

I love you all,


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