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Radical Christian

Commitment is something that some people have a hard time accepting. The sacrifices necessary for any relationship can dictate whether or not someone will accept or decline the terms.

When I accepted Christ as my Lord, I considered the sacrifices I would have to make. I understood that choosing to accept Him meant that I would have to forfeit all my control and submit to His way. While this is simply written, it is extremely hard to put into practice. It calls for pushing aside all your feelings, understandings, and opinions for the Lord’s.

Prior to salvation, I was someone that people identified as “real.” My loyalty and faithfulness were very high. This is not something that I have judged myself on, but anyone that knows me will express this to you as well. It is the way the Lord created me. I love hard. Being that type of person caused me to dive head first into my commitment to serve God with my life. I try hard to consider the Lord and His Word in everything I do. Does that mean I never fall? No. I still ask for forgiveness and turn from the things that would cause the Lord to be displeased. Yet, daily I strive for perfection.

In doing this, I have come across some Christians that think that I do too much. I’m sometimes labeled as “passionate” or “radical.” It doesn’t bother me. Since I came into this world, I have been someone that has not identified with the masses. However, my concern is not their opinion of me but the lack of regard toward God. The word of God instructs us through Proverbs 3:6 to consider God in all of our affairs. So why are some Christians disagreeing with those that do?

I pose a few questions to all those that find themselves labeling other believers:

What is the problem with me giving my all to my God that died for me?

What is the problem with me giving my all to my God that loved me?

And if the scripture instructs to commit every portion of our life to God and you don’t; what does that make you?

What does Radical Christian Mean?

Radical Christian is a term that I have heard often, but what does it mean?I really want you to think about it. I’ve had people call me a Radical Christian. I take it as compliment because I love the definition of radical. It means “far reaching” or “thorough.” When I think of a radical Christian, I think of someone who loves God with their all. I am this type of person. When I said yes to God, I meant it from every area of my life. If others are offended because of my passion for God, I will not make any apologies, nor will I ever.

I am not making these statements boastful in myself, but confident that I am doing what is pleasing to God. I sincerely desire the same for all that call themselves Christians. Be thorough. Be so far reaching that you touch the throne of God with your life. And if the world, in turn, identifies you as a radical; be glad.

When I envision a Radical Christians, this is what I see:

Radicals believe the total word of God.

Radicals desire to live the Word of God in its entirety.

Radicals are not hypocrites, so the same law they judge by, they also live.

Radicals don’t mind speaking about repentance, holiness, and righteousness.

Radicals are not oblivious to the weakness of man, but rather boast in the strength of the delivering power of their God.

Radicals separate themselves from any piece of darkness.

Radicals refuse to accept homosexuality, no matter what the law of man and society say.

Radicals are the people that know their God and His power.

Make it Plain

I want to illustrate something that may help you understand my stance. While I was in school, we had people that were very serious about their studies. They did all their homework and excelled. They answered all the questions in class. School was their main priority. Parties happened, they were not there. They didn’t hang out with everyone, but they hung out with others that took school as serious as them. Some mocked their ways, calling them nerds, know-it-alls, overachievers, etc. They mocked them because secretly they were jealous. And because of that jealousy it caused them to treat those that did well unjustly. Their hearts were filled with envy and laziness so much so that they rather attack instead of putting in the work.

As time passed, those that were being mocked continued on their path, and so did the mockers. But there came a time called “Graduation” when their hard work paid off. They advanced so much that they earned free rides into colleges. While some of them that mocked did not receive a diploma but a Certificate of Completion, which simply acknowledged their presence but came with no reward. They could not move on to the next place.

This is what is happening in the church. People are mocking those that take the word of God seriously. Truthfully, they carry the spirit of Cain who was upset with Abel because Abel presented a worship that was pleasing unto God. But God told Cain that if his sacrifice was good, he would have accepted his too. God is not a respecter of person.

You may think radicals are doing too much. But let me ask; where is the manifestation of God, His Glory, and Power in your life? Where is your transformation? Don’t deny the power of the very God you claim to serve. Look at the fruit of a person and compare it to the word. If they are doing the word no matter how extreme you may feel they are, they are being obedient.

On the contrary take heed to your own life. In your attempt to not be radical, you are disobeying God. The commandments of God are not suggestions and must be carried out. There is no such thing as partial obedience. Don’t be like others who have been lost because they chose to deceive themselves.

Let us not judge holiness and righteousness according to the scale of man, but let it be according to the Word of God.

Don’t be like the mockers in my illustration. I would hate for God to hand out a Certificate of Completion on the day of judgement, acknowledging someone’s completion of life without any advancement into His Kingdom. The reason would be simple. They did not put in the work. They were not thorough in their walk. They were not radical.

Scriptural Support

Hebrews 12:14 (KJV)

14 Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord:

John 14:15 (KJV)

15 If ye love me, keep my commandments.

Romans 12:1 (KJV)

1 I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service.


I know this is a strong post, but it’s Truth. It needs to be addressed. I am a believer and if my obedience calls me to be identified as radical, let it be so. I do not concern myself with the approval of man. The approval of my Heavenly Father is what I seek.

Edification is about what builds us up as believers. Edification is not based on comfort. It is based on Truth and His Spirit.

Be blessed, and I love you all. Even you all that call me radical.


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