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What Is Life To You?

Reflection is good, especially when your mirror is the Word of God. The Truth of the Word purifies, corrects, and clarifies. You know what’s strange is that when people look into a natural mirror, they expect to see imperfections. They are looking for where their hair is out of place, blemishes, boogers, and much more. Yet, do they possess the same attitude when people look into the Word? Do they go into the mirror of God, which the Bible likens the Word of God (James 1:23), expecting to be fixed? Or do they go in looking to be soothed?

As I sit in my place of reflection, tears flow down my face as I think about the many souls that refuse to check their image in the sight of God. I have spent much of the past year being made and made again. I am always in the hands of the Potter (Isaiah 64:8). Please don’t get it confused; it doesn’t feel good, but it’s necessary for my soul, first, and then my purpose.

I recently lost one of my childhood friends to cancer, which was hard for me. I recall our conversations, where I told her, “whether you live to 35 or 105, the thing we can agree on is that this life is temporary. After this life, there is an eternity for everyone. In order for you to inherit a heavenly eternity, you must give your life to Jesus Christ.”

Believers live this life, to live again. The world has conditioned people to pursue life in a manner that excludes God. Everything is about what “you” want. Be who “you” want. Do what makes “you” happy. Live “your” best life. Everything revolves around “you.” But from the beginning, this was not so. Adam was formed with an assignment and purpose from God. Have you ever asked God why He sent you into this world? I can assure you that God did not create you to disobey Him or live a life that displeases and offends Him.

Do you know what sin tells God? Yes, sin has a message. It reveals to God that we despise Him. I know you may say that you have never despised God. But the truth is we all have. And living a lifestyle of habitual sin tells God that you hate Him every day. Remember King David, when he sinned with Bathsheba, God told him, “because thou hast despised me.” Of course, we know King David never said those words out of his mouth, but the pursuit of self-pleasure reciprocated a painful message to God.

A Good Thing Can Become Evil

The Bible says that we must prioritize God above our own life ( Luke 14:26). The direct word used is “hate.” When Jesus tells people to hate their life, He does not mean it the way people think of hate, but more so to reject their life when it comes to God. Simply, God has to be number one. So while God called the creation of man “very good” in the book of Genesis, this good thing can become evil when exalted above God.

Listen, I don’t have a problem with anyone pursuing careers, businesses, or anything in life unless it’s conflicting with God. When it conflicts with God, it conflicts with the soul.

I remember when I lost my dad. His nice house, car, and accomplishments were meaningless when his life was called, and they will never regain value. But His soul was the only thing of interest to God. Do you think it is wise to pursue so much temporary value? Something that, in the blink of an eye, becomes vanity.

Why I Wrote This

As I talk to people and look at my timelines, I can’t help but see so much loss of life. People leave this earth while being in love with life’s temporary gratifications. Like you, I was created and formed with an assignment and purpose. One is to glorify God through the winning of souls. Because of this, the Lord has pressed me to remind you what life is truly about. So I leave you with one question: Are you living this life with the intent to live eternally again through Jesus Christ?

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