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Worship Through It

One of the most powerful, yet overlooked tools, is worship. As believers, we hear about it very often. But, do we truly understand the strength that lies within it? Jesus said that the Father seeks worshippers (John 4:23). Not praisers, but worshippers. When I think about that, I wonder if the Father is seeking them because there is a lack?

According to, worship is defined as the feeling or expression of reverence and adoration. Whereas, praise means to pay tribute to. In my opinion, worship requires an exceptional level of intimacy. What I love the most about worship is that it has no prerequisites. We see throughout the scripture that many worshipped God; the possessed, the sick, the needy, and the Gentile.

But more importantly, we see the outcome of their worship. When people worshipped God, things happened. For the demoniac (Mark 5:6), he was delivered. For the sick, they were healed. For the gentile, they were engrafted. Wow, what power lies in worship!

If we are bound and we worship, the shackles of sin and darkness can fall off. If we are sick and we worship, we can be healed.

My Experiences

I don't know about anyone else, but through worshipping God, my love for Him has increased drastically! My passion for God and His will has heightened. My desire to please Him grew, and it’s nothing that I did. It just happened. It was like worship opened new places in my relationship with God.

Throughout my walk with God. I've had some great trials. Some may not think so, but for me, they were. But no matter the case, whether it was struggling with sin, pain, or loss, I worshipped God through them. I let my tears utter what I could not articulate with my mouth.

I never worship based on my condition. I always worship based on God and who he is. That way my worship is constant and unwavering, like the God I worship. Worship is different than prayer. Praying is making petitions to God, beseeching Him for a particular thing. But worship is saying no matter what has happened; I adore you, God.

I'm not telling you that you shouldn't pray. Please pray. But once you have asked God, do you need to repeat yourself to an all-hearing God? No, you don't. So, while you wait, receive, and heal; just worship. Worship God until He brings what you need to pass. And once it comes to pass, worship Him from your gratitude.

I worship God through my pain. Worship strengthens me from day to day. Worshipping God is what helped me to hold on. When I was weak, I would worship God, and from the worship, His strength would be imparted unto me. When I had no life in me, as I worshipped, God breathed on me. It was through worship that I know The Holy Ghost is indeed a comforter.

Worship and Sin

Sin is a challenge for every man. Some of the greatest battles in my life I worshipped through, and one layer at a time the Lord delivered me from sin. He strengthened me to abstain from sin through my worship. Then, He took the desire of it from me. It is even through my worship that the Lord helps me maintain my deliverance because through worship I get an overflow of God and His Spirit. It is only through God that anyone can keep their deliverance.


As I mentioned before, worship is something that I believe is overlooked. But I felt like someone needs to read about my experience with worship. Maybe by reading this, it will help you. It may unlock a place that you didn’t know existed.

Whatever it is that you may be faced with, worship through it. Worship has no pre-qualifications. It just is. There are no necessary formalities. You don’t have to be anyone, but you. The only requirement is for worship to be done in Spirit and in Truth (John 4:24). Allow the Spirit of God to move through your worship and watch what happens.

I pray that this entry does something special for your life.

Until next time!


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