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I wrote this almost two years ago. Recently the Lord began to remind me of it. We are in a time where the church seems to be losing its influence and strength. I understand that the Bible talks about a “great falling away”(2 Thess. 2:3) but as I pondered this, the Lord reminded me of Gideon and the 300 ( Judges 7:7). There was a “great falling away” in the army, and that was the will of the Lord. But if you know anything about God, He is not concerned about numbers. As a matter of fact, He does some of His best work in the most impossible situations because He seeks His glory. The falling away, if you will, in Gideon's army did not prevent them from winning the battle. Likewise the "great falling away" will and cannot prevent the true church from advancing. Jesus is coming for a glorious bride.

Think of me as you will, but I believe that God is up to something very mighty that the world will not expect. The church declining is just an illusion. There is an awakening that is about to take place. Those that will be used to lead it are the “unknowns” and “overlooked.” They are like King David, the one flesh did not consider, but God has anointed. They were anointed years ago and have allowed God to perfect them. Now its time for their reign, so they can do the will of Him that sent them and awaken those that are asleep. Read on.


I saw a vision and in this vision, I was standing on a mountain. Below that mountain was a valley of bones. These bones were dehydrated as if they had been there for a very long time. This vision was very familiar to me because of the story in Ezekiel 37:1-14. But why was I here? What was the Lord trying to show me?

The Lord began to open my understanding of the vision and began to speak to me about these bones. He explained that this vision was a replica of the church. Then the Lord posed the question to me, “Can these bones live?” I replied to the Lord like Ezekiel and said, “Surely only you know Lord.” I thought if the bones could live then God would be the one to command them to live.

The Lord then began to deal with my heart about the church today. He showed me that currently, the church is filled with people who confess that Jesus is Lord. Yet, despite their confession, they have not produced the evidential fruit of the salvation they claim. Repentance is foreign to them. They have set their affections on temporal things, and have chosen to live oblivious to the reality of eternity. They have a fleeting fire that lasts for a Sunday moment. When doors close, they which appear alive are spiritually dead. These people have exchanged their marriage to God for an affair with the world. They indulge themselves in the pleasures of this temporal life, forgetting about Jesus. They have a form of godliness but deny the power of the God they claim to love. Their hypocrisy has caused others to run from Jesus and the church. This valley has grieved the Lord and His Spirit has found no pleasure in them. Yet in His displeasure, God desires them to live.

Then the fullness of Ezekiel’s story began to weigh on my spirit. Was I like the prophet? What power had God placed in my reach, that He would question me about their resurrection? Then it hit me, God wants me to be like Ezekiel and prophesy to these bones and command them to hear the Word of the Lord, so they could awaken. God began to reveal that He had placed an anointing on my life and a sword in my mouth to preach to them that are dead and command them to live.

These bones could live! But, God was waiting on me to catch the revelation as to how they would. This was new to me and I was afraid. I needed God’s help to step out in faith and believe. What if I failed? What if I wasn’t strong enough? I wondered how many people like me have come across this valley, but never accepted the assignment? How many people have come across this valley and been too afraid to speak? I have to gird up my loins and go on the strength and power of God. When fear knocks at my door, I cannot open. I was called and anointed by the Holy One, and no one could contend with Him. That is what God wants all His chosen remnant to know.


God has not, nor will He ever base His choice on human reasoning. People may question who God chooses, but they can never deny the manifestation of God through that individual. No one can determine who God will choose; it is His will. The sign of His Glory will be upon His chosen. God is looking for the willing and obedient; not to just hear and accept the call, but to do it.

The chosen will be those that have lived the miracles they will perform. At one time in my life, I was dead like those bones. I was perishing in the sleep of sin. Dead. Dead because of sin. Sure, I was alive in the natural context, but I knew not life. But one day, God caused me to awaken through Jesus.

The answer to the question posed to me by God was not only about the bones. It was about me. I was a testament to the resurrection power of God. Those bones could live because I who was dead was now alive. I could see the valley because I arose from the valley. The same God that spoke life into me had now given me the power to speak life into someone else.

The fullness of the vision began to unravel. The time is coming and is very near where this valley I saw will awaken from the declaration that comes from my mouth, and the mouths of others like me. The awakening that will take place will not only be for some that profess Christ, but for some who have yet to meet Him. This revival will be for the dead and dry. The people that have been dead because of sin, dry because of pain, dry because of the false church, and dead because of iniquity shall awaken. They will awaken from the ashes of their past. They will awaken from the ashes of their pain. God will use a remnant to restore the very essence of life in them. These bones will receive the revelation of life through Jesus Christ. They will live because deep down in their soul is a cry for truth. And like the blood of Abel, their cry has reached God.

I will preach and prophecy to this valley with the authority the Lord has given me. I will declare God’s power, and He will awaken more than their mortal bodies. He will awaken their spirits and souls. Their passion for Him will awaken. Their fervency for life will awaken. They will fight for eternal life. They will press to live through Jesus. No more church as usual, but with fire, they will see the Living God. This will be the awakening.

I pray this blesses someone.

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